Wylie & The Wild West – Unwired


Wylie & the Wild West – Live and In Concert at the Western Jubilee Warehouse in Colorado Springs.

“Wylie brings the rich tradition of quality Western Music to life”
– Bob Whitaker, Grand Ole Opry


Good-Bye Old Paint




Cattle Call


Wylie Gustafson along with Ray Doyle, Scot Wilburn and Rick Bryceson presented a stirring 60 minute concert in our old Warehouse. Wylie sings old classics and new originals – Both solo and with full band. Soft and slow to rattle and roll, Unwired is a must have for all Western Music fans.

“Here is one of two so-called ‘unplugged’ CDs received in the same mailing from Western Jubilee Recording in Colorado Springs. One was Michael Martin Murphey’s and the other was a new live recording from Wylie & The Wild West entitled Unwired. And in this case the term has two different meanings, if not a third!!

We certainly don’t want to give anyone the impression that Wylie and crew have totally forsaken their customary beat-driven spizz.

It’s just that on this one the carbonation is applied judiciously. Wylie’s sensitive and expressive takes of classics such as “Goodbye Old Paint,” “Cowpoke,” “Cattle Call” and “America The Beautiful” share the stage with some of his and Paul Zarzyski’s rambunctious collaborations such as “Rodeo To The Bone,” “Double Wild” and “Ain’t No Life After Rodeo.” Intermixed are Wylie ballads that include “Ridin’ The High Line,” “I Get High,” and “Where Horses Are Heroes.” His and Joel Nelson’s “Equus Caballus” is here, and to make sure you’re paying attention… so are Buddy Holly’s “Everyday,” and the trucker fave “Girl On The Billboard.”
For those who got pelted with rock from their last CD, this one from Wylie & The Wild West is toned down but hardly dead!!” Rick Huff

“ This guy is all old school cool without being a tired period piece.”~ Winda Benedetti, Spokesman Review


  1. Welcome
  2. Good-Bye Old Paint
  3. Double Wild
  4. Ridin’ the Hi-Line
  5. Cowpoke
  6. Equus Caballus
  7. America the Beautiful
  8. Rodeo to the Bone
  9. Cattle Call
  10. Everyday
  11. I Get High
  12. Girl on the Billboard
  13. Where Horses are Heroes
  14. Ain’t No Life After Rodeo

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