Wylie & The Wild West – Hooves of the Horses


“Wylie Gustafson is not only a true romantic, he’s also a craftsman and a perfectionist- and one of the most consistently fine cowboy singers of his generation.” – Michael McCall, Country Music Magazine


Hooves of the Horses


I Grab My Saddle Horn and Blow




“My life is good. I have a great family, a beautiful wife, the grace of God, and good horses. Horses seem to be the reoccurring theme in my life and on this recording. I first became attached to horses as a youngster. My dad’s #1 rope horse was a swaybacked Quarter Horse mare we called “Becky.” She had a talent for giving my dad a good shot every time. She also had a knack for babysitting, which made her a much loved partner around the Gustafson ranch. My favorite pastime was to hop on Becky’s back for off-roading adventures around our rural home.

I enjoy writing about what inspires me. More and more it has been my friend equus caballus: the horse. When it comes time to chisel my tombstone, I hope the term “horseman” will be included to describe what I accomplished in this world. And more importantly, I hope it will be said that I was fair and kind to God’s greatest beast.” – Wylie Gustafson

1. Hooves of the Horses
2. I Grab My Saddle Horn and Blow
3. Everyday
4. Equus Caballus
5. Leather Lover
6. Out Here
7. Luther Played the Boogie
8. A Good One
9. Manolito
10. The Sky Above, The Mud Below
11. Mmm… Montana
12. Saddle Broncs and Sagebrush
13. Happy Rovin’ Cowboy
14. Marie
15. 76 With a Miss
16. Rockabye Lullaby

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