Waddie Mitchell – Waddie Mitchell Live


“Horse sense and humor from America’s best known cowboy poet…” – People Magazine

Recorded live at the Western Jubilee Warehouse Theater in Colorado Springs, Colorado


The Old Spinning Wheel




Goat On A Rope


Musical accompaniment by western guitar legend Rich O’Brien & six-time Grammy™ nominee Norman Blake.  Produced by & special guest appearance by Don Edwards.

Western Horseman calls it “…a fine mixture of music and rhyme, humor, and emotion.”

Live finds Waddie Mitchell in his favorite place, in front of an audience, taking them along to another world, a Western world, with an excellent blend of original and traditional poetry.

“Horse sense and humor from America’s best-known cowboy poet.” — PEOPLE MAGAZINE



  1. The Old Spinning Wheel
  2. Typical
  3. Goat On A Rope
  4. The Old Nighthawk
  5. Blood, Sweat and Steers
  6. Sentence
  7. Bill Cheatam
  8. The Owl Critic
  9. The Sounds A Cowboy Hears
  10. Cross-Eyed Bull
  11. The Walkin’ Man
  12. Red River Valley
  13. Piddlin’ Pete
  14. Swedish Waltz
  15. No Second Chance

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