Various Artists – Cohorts & Collaborators ~ Songs Written With Waddie


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It’s Who They Are – Juni Fisher


Middle of No-where – Pipp Gillette


The Rawhide Braider – Brenn Hill


Available Only Through Western Jubilee Until 1/20/2017!
Western Jubilee Recording Company, proudly presents:

Today’s Top Western Artists Writing With Waddie Mitchell, Cohorts & Collaborators ~ Songs Written With Waddie

  1. A Poet with Something to Say – Dave Stamey
  2. The Bristlecone Pine – Brenn Hill
  3. Trade Off – Gillette Brothers
  4. It’s Who They Are – Juni Fisher
  5. You Are the Light – Dean Walden
  6. Middle of No-where – Pipp Gillette
  7. Of a Cowboy – Sons and Brothers
  8. Back Story – Jon Chandler
  9. The Hand – Trinity Seely
  10. The Rawhide Braider – Brenn Hill
  11. Dogs Bark in the Night – Pipp Gillette
  12. Still There – Juni Fisher

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