Sons of the San Joaquin – 15 Years: A Retrospective


“A trio of modern day cowboys known for their drop-dead gorgeous harmonies.” – Fort Worth Weekly


Happy Cowboy


Timber Trail


The Gift


15 YEARS!  Fifteen unforgettable years spent recording a legacy of family harmonies “Fifteen years of our fans’ favorites.”  Fifteen years of celebrating, nurturing and contributing to a genre of music that tells the stories of a unique character in the history of the world: The American Cowboy.  This retrospective collection features the Hannah Boys’ favorites including works by Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer from the Sons of the Pioneers, Ian Tyson and more! Also included are three previously unreleased songs including two Jack Hannah originals (“Utah,” and “The Legend of Jake Kincaid”), and the fan favorite “Ghost Riders in the Sky.” A must have recording for Sons fans.


  1. Happy Cowboy
  2. Timber Trail
  3. The Gift
  4. Great American Cowboy
  5. Along the Santa Fe Trail
  6. Song of the Rover
  7. Wyoming On My Mind
  8. Is It Because
  9. Anything But a Cowboy
  10. From Whence Came the Cowboy
  11. I Ride Along and Dream
  12. Charlie and the Boys
  13. Texas Plains
  14. UTAH (with one eye)
  15. Ghost Riders in the Sky
  16. The Legend of Jake Kincaid

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