Norman Blake – Brushwood Songs & Stories



Plectrafone Records, the Old Time Country Division of Western Jubilee Recording Company, proudly presents:

Norman Blake, Assisted by Nancy Blake, Brushwood Songs & Stories

Fresh on the heels of his Wood, Wire & Words Grammy Nomination for Folk Album of the Year, Norman Blake returns with nineteen all-original Blake songs and stories.

“Norman Blake: The most hardcore, traditional musician I know and one of the best musicians in the world” – T Bone Burnett

  1. The Countess Lola Montez
  2.  How the Weary World Wears Away
  3. Bunk Johnson ~ Trumpet Man
  4. High Rollers
  5. The Generic Rag
  6. Waitin’ for the Mail and Social Security
  7. The Lantern Thru the Fog
  8. There’s a Storm Somewhere
  9. Newsome Gap Rag
  10. The Truth Will Stand ~ When This World’s on Fire
  11. Sweet Banks of Flowers ~ Georgie’s Vision
  12. Look Away, So Far Away
  13. The Fate of Oliver Curtis Perry ~ Empire State Bank Robber
  14. The Target Shooter
  15. Fidlin’ Peg Leg Jackson on the Mourner’s Bench
  16. The Nameless Photograph
  17. Cripple Charlie Clark
  18. The Wreck on the Western & Atlantic ~ At Willowdale Curve
  19. Stay Down on the Farm


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