Michael Martin Murphey – Campfire on the Road


On the bootheels of our popular Lone Cowboy release, Murph’s first solo recording ever, comes his second solo recording, Campfire on the Road.

From Western Jubilee, and recorded in front of a live audience at Western Jubilee Warehouse Theatre, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Campfire on the Road


Boy From the Country


Lost River


Lone Don’t Mean Lonesome

“Lone don’t mean Lonesome, Lonesome don’t mean Lone…  I just really like to know my song stands on its own.  I like to sing ‘em all ‘lone sometimes you know – just to make sure!  If my song isn’t getting well, band doctors cannot cure.  When you play it center stage alone, the flaws sure come to light, I run and tinker just once more…  Until folks feel it right!  I thank the folks who listened…  At this Lone Jubilee!  Reminding me I sing for them, I don’t sing songs for me!  I’ll play ‘em better with my band…  When I’m not on my own, Lone don’t mean Lonesome, Lonesome don’t mean Lone…” Michael Martin Murphey, with apologies to the band.

Michael Martin Murphey is one of the main influences on my career.  He is among America’s best songwriters.” Lyle Lovett


  1. Intro
  2. Campfire on the Road
  3. Boy From the Country
  4. Lost River
  5. Crystal
  6. Texas Morning
  7. West Texas Highway
  8. Spanish is the Loving Tongue (Border Affair)
  9. Old Chisholm Trail
  10. Geronimo’s Cadillac
  11. Red River Valley/Reprise

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