Michael Martin Murphey – Lone Cowboy


After a long, incredible career, Western Jubilee is proud to present Michael Martin Murphey’s First Solo album release ever! Recorded live at the Western Jubilee Warehouse Theatre, Michael Martin Murphey full circles back to where it began, Murph and his guitar.


Lone Cowboy/Carolina in the Pines


What Am I Doing Here?


Vanishing Breed


“Fans of modern cowboy singer and songwriter Michael Martin Murphey will more than likely delight in this bare-bones solo concert recorded at the Western Jubilee Warehouse in Colorado Springs in 2008. Accompanied only by his acoustic guitar — he’s become a fine picker over the last four decades — Murphey runs through a program consisting mainly of his own songs with some traditional cowboy numbers thrown in for good measure. Many of the hits are here, from the opening medley of the title track paired with “Carolina in the Pines,” followed by two more. One melds “Partner in the Wind,” and Bob Nolan’s nugget “Cool Water;” the latter includes two well-known cowboy campfire songs done in Murphey’s own unique arrangement: “Little Joe the Wrangler,” and a spooky a cappella reading of “Oh Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie.” From there, with one exception, it’s all Murphey’s material. Sure, “Wildfire” is here, but in 2010 it means something other than it did in the mid-’70s. What’s most appealing about this set is how intimate and unvarnished it is (there are missed chords, some flat notes, etc.). Murphey can’t hit the same high notes he did once upon a time, but the graininess in his voice is welcome, because it adds so much to his lyrics and melodies. Somehow, however, that makes the music more authentic, and the emotion in his performances doesn’t feel staged. Songs like “Vanishing Breed,” “Long Lonesome Road to Dalhart,” and “Close to the Land,” without their regal orchestral backing, as they are his Cowboy Symphonies, take on the gift Murphey displayed on his earliest records: that of a real storyteller.” ~ Thom Jurek

“Strip away the reverb and filtering on the voice, the electrified guitars, the percussion and other production bluster on a CD and what do you have? This! For the first time ever it’s just Michael Martin Murphey, his guitar and the audience. Held since its recording in October of 2008, this CD lets listeners examine for themselves Murphey’s dose of “it”…the basic reason an artist has star power! For here he is, unprocessed and ungussied, just like anybody else might do it, simply sitting down to play and sing. Here are direct-to-you versions of his “Wildfire,” “What Am I Doing Here,” “Vanishing Breed,” “Cherokee Fiddle,” “Close To The Land,” “Summer Ranges,” “Long & Lonesome Road To Dalhart” and team-ups of his “Lone Cowboy” with his “Carolina In The Pines,” his “Partner To The Wind” with Bob Nolan’s “Cool Water” and Jack Thorp’s “Little Joe The Wrangler” with the original and correct (if abridged) version of “Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie.” In truth Murphey will also frequently slip into his songs unannounced passages of other appropriate songs to stir the soup…and it makes for a tasty dish. Lone Cowboy is certainly one for his fans, and for others who may be curious as to what all the Murpheybaloo is about!” ~ Rick Huff

“I’ve been waiting for this album forever. There is nothing like hearing Michael sing and play his guitar – an unadorned sound that makes us realize what an incredible songwriter and musician he is. Michael is a rare artist who sees his music in a larger cultural context. When he sings about cowboy life, he supports ranchers with all his heart. His generosity to the revival of cowboy poetry and music is unparalleled.” ~ Hal Cannon, Founding Director Western Folklife Center Elko, Nevada


  1. Lone Cowboy/Carolina in the Pines
  2. Partner To The Wind/Cool Water
  3. Little Joe The Wrangler/Oh Bury Me
    Not On The Lone Prarie
  4. Long And Lonesome Road To Dalhart
  5. Wildfire
  6. When The Work’s All Done This Fall
  7. What Am I Doing Here?
  8. Vanishing Breed
  9. Cherokee Fiddle
  10. Close To The Land
  11. Summer Ranges

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