Bryan Bowers – Bristlecone Pine



Bryan Bowers presents instrumental virtuosity combined with warmth, eloquence, expression and professionalism. Bryan now brings us this inspired Gem Along the Trail.


  1. Bristlecone Pine
  2. Liza Jane
  3. The Friar’s Britches
  4. Let It Be
  5. Soul of Man
  6. Poor Howard
  7. When You and I Were True
  8. Workin’ On the Car
  9. Friend For Life
  10. St. Anne’s Reel
  11. Magnolia
  12. Opry Roa
  13. When I Go
  14. Flowers of Edinburg
  15. Star of the Country Down
  16. Kitchen Girl
  17. Flat World
  18. Why I Love Bluegrass

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