Cowboy Nation – A Journey Out of Time


“Their understanding of the tradition is intact. They understand where the stuff came from.” –Don Edwards


Back In The Saddle


Two Miles to Town


Way To Go


Cowboy Nation is more than a name. It’s a destination that Los Angeles based Chip and Tony Kinman have been riding towards since entering the music scene decades ago. The Kinmans’ trail has wound through various musical landscapes but always with a common thread, an independent and strong vision of what their music is about. They first achieved notoriety as Rank And File and their critically acclaimed alt-country recording; Sundown. Now they’ve moved further West, continuing with A Journey Out Of Time.


  1. Entrada
  2. Back In The Saddle
  3. Two Miles to Town
  4. Way To Go
  5. E-Z Ridin’ Cowboy
  6. Blood On The Saddle
  7. Cowboys’ Vision
  8. Shenandoah
  9. Leaving This Town
  10. Cut Above
  11. Salida

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