Tom Morrell and the TIME-WARP Top Hands – Wolf Tracks


Wolf Tracks is a collection of instrumental favorites, hand-picked from Morrell’s critically acclaimed series How the West Was Swung, Volumes 1- 10.




Some Like it Hot


River Road Two Step


Tom “Wolf” Morrell is a master of the non-pedal steel guitar. Joined by the Time-Warp Top Hands, Morrell plays with such innovation and energy that he has taken Western Swing to new heights.

Wolf knows his music. He knows it because he has lived it and loved it. Ever since he was a pup in Texas he has immersed himself, with rare passion, in an ocean of music. He was in California in the fifties during which time some of the great Western Swing bands were still going strong. He toured with Tex Williams. He toured with Wade Ray. And with the Starlighters – and with the Texas Playboys and with Ray Price. He never toured with Kitty Wells. He was a member of The Sons of the Nuclear Waste. He knew Elvis – and Jack Ruby.


  1. Lupus
  2. Some Like it Hot
  3. River Road Two Step
  4. My Best To You
  5. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
  6. Meet Me in St. Louis
  7. Curtain Call
  8. Pterodactyl Ptales
  9. The Things I Might Have Been
  10. Sweet Lorraine
  11. Velociraptor Rag
  12. Celery Stalks

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