Katy Moffatt – Cowboy Girl



Fort Worth native Katy Moffatt makes her Western Jubilee Recording Company debut with an acoustic music collection of Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Outlaws, Horses and one Gentleman Bandit. A versatile singer songwriter of American roots music, Katy is joined by producer David Wilkie, who also plays mandolin and guitar, and WJRC artist Rich O’Brien, featured on guitar.

“… spurrin’ pretty out into the purple sage and leaving us listeners dazzled by the soulful vistas across which her voice ranges with ease, with grace, with a gritty musical savvy and verve that turns us into believers.”  – Paul Zarzyski, Great Falls MT.


  1. Black Diamond
  2. John Hardy
  3. Midnight the Unconquered Outlaw
  4. Ol’ Bill Miner (The Gentleman Bandit)
  5. Indian Cowboy
  6. Further
  7. Texas Rangers
  8. Me and My Uncle
  9. Magdalena and the Jack of Spades
  10. Black-Eyed Caballero
  11. The Brazos
  12. Hallie Lonigan
  13. The Ghost Light of Marfa
  14. The Wayward Wind
  15. When I Was A Cowboy

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