Rich O’Brien – Southwestern Souvenirs


“There is no one I’d rather hear play guitar than Richard O’Brien. His taste and musical sensibility are exquisite…he’s a national treasure.” – Ranger Doug, Riders in the Sky

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum (Cowboy Hall of Fame) Wrangler Award


A Badgers Holiday




Rose of Mexico (featuring Paul O’Brien)


Southwestern Souvenirs is pure Rich O’Brien, nine instrumentals and three vocals with spicy taco sauce poured over the top. This wonderful recording represents O’Brien’s long admiration of the sounds that have been a part of Western Music since the explorers, settlers, gold rushers and cowboys ventured into the Southwest.

Legendary songwriter and Country Music Hall of Famer Cindy Walker calls him “A full blooded guitar man!” Two of Cindy’s songs are featured on this release including “Rose of Mexico,” a song found on the flip side of Al Dexter’s 1948 hit, “Pistol Packin’ Mama.” Also included is the theme to “Gunsmoke” with the original lyrics sung by Don Edwards.


  1. A Badgers Holiday
  2. Wheels
  3. Rose of Mexico (featuring Paul O’Brien)
  4. Blue Skirt Waltz
  5. Little Star of Heaven
  6. Windmills
  7. Gunsmoke (featuring Don Edwards)
  8. Padre of Old San Antone
  9. Under Fiesta Stars
  10. Old Town Taos
  11. Jesse Polka
  12. Ay Ay Ay

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