David Wilkie and Cowboy Celtic – The Drover Road


“This album does it all … stirs emotion, intrigues, makes you tap your feet while it taps your nerves, and leaves you contented from a journey well explored.” – Waddie Mitchell


The Drover Road to Amulree


Aura Lea


Bonnie Dundee/Fareweel Taie Tarwathie/Railroad Corral


The Drover Road is much more than just the cattle trail to Donaghadee in Ireland, to Amulree, Falkirk and Crieff in Scotland: More than the Chisholm or Goodnight Loving Trail. The Drover Road is David Wilkie and Cowboy Celtic’s latest exploration into the Celtic origins of Cowboy Music. Featuring the singing of Denise Withnell and a wonderful assortment of Jigs, Reels and Ballads.


  1. The Drover Road to Amulree
  2. Aura Lea
  3. Bonnie Dundee/Fareweel Taie Tarwathie/Railroad Corral
  4. Mandocarolan
  5. Darcy Farrow
  6. Lorena/Yellow Rose Texas/Field-Yellow-Haired Lad
  7. The Wild Rippling Water
  8. O’Carlon’s Ramble to Cashel
  9. Whoopie Ti Yi Yo, Git Along Little Dogies
  10. Maxwell’s Thorns
  11. The Betrayal of Johnnie Armstrong
  12. Black Upon Tan
  13. Jackie Coleman’s Reel
  14. The Ladies of Scatwell
  15. The Baron of Brackley
  16. Indiana

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