Wylie & The Wild West – Bucking Horse Moon


“Wylie has made many contributions to cowboy music, and with this CD he’s put another good one in the barn. There is no doubt Wylie is one of the best singers no matter the genre. What sets him apart from most of the herd, is he’s a 24 caret cowboy. He lives his songs in real life and I’d be plumb proud to trail with him”- Eddie Kilroy, Program Director, “Willie’s Place” XM Radio


Whip Out a Yodel


Out West


16 Hands


These songs are sung with all the energy that Wylie imparts to his music. The album, Bucking Horse Moon, is filled with yodels, songs about open space and the western lifestyle, cowboy culture, and always horses. These 14 new songs were recorded at the world renown Cash Cabin Studios with John Carter Cash (Johnny’s son) producing. The album is an even mixture of new originals and unique covers and is just plain ‘dynamite’ to listen to.

Yodeler, songwriter, rancher, horseman, and world famous “Yahooer,” Wylie Gustafson leads the musical outfit known as Wylie & the Wild West. The group has been together for decades and performed at the Kennedy Center, the Grand Ole Opry (over 45 times), The National Folk Festival and the Lincoln Center.


  1. Whip Out a Yodel
  2. Out West
  3. 16 Hands
  4. Bucking Horse Moon
  5. Rodeo to the Bone
  6. True Love Travels on a Gravel Road
  7. Don’t Take Your Guns to Town
  8. Eltopia Yodel
  9. Where Horses are Heroes
  10. Jodell
  11. Old Bull
  12. The Carhartt Song
  13. Uber Yodel
  14. Whispering Hope

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