Sons And Brothers – Measure of a Man


“Seldom does such a talented group get presented to the public. Likewise, seldom does one family possess such a talent, work ethic, faith and determination as do the Wolkings, who are the Sons and Brothers!” …Waddie Mitchell


Measure of a Man


Snowin’ on Raton


Buckaroo Man


What does the term, “western” really mean? What does it mean to live in the West?  In addition to the geographic connotation and the descriptive term for a style of music, “western” means so much more. Being a part of the west means being a part of something that is far older than any one of us. The West is an ideal. Westerners take care of their neighbors.
Westerners work hard, play hard, and live well. When dealing with most westerners what you see is what you get. False pretenses and facades don’t fare well out here. Family and faith is integral to the lives of many of us, and our stories and songs reflect these values.  Honor and honesty, compassion and even chivalry are all parts of the code Westerners live by.  All these elements can be summed up and represented by the American Cowboy.  So, with that having been said, the Sons and Brothers are thrilled to present Measure of a Man; our first almost entirely Western CD project.
– Aaron Wolking



  1. Measure of a Man
  2. Snowin’ on Raton
  3. Buckaroo Man
  4. The Quiet Faith of Man
  5. Coyotes
  6. Cold High Mountain Wind
  7. The Ol’ Double Diamond
  8. This One Belongs to Me
  9. Valentine Waltz
  10. Long Hard Road
  11. The Cowboy’s Song
  12. Pilgrim

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