Waddie Mitchell – That No Quit Attitude


“He is the quintessential cowboy poet…” – The New york Times Magazine


Pride Goeth


Who But the Horse




The organizers of the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City needed an expert to write a piece describing the West, its people, its spirit, and its connection to the steadfastness and dedication of hopeful athletes.  They hired a Cowboy.

That No Quit Attitude is the title track of this release by Waddie Mitchell and is one of fourteen new poems, thoughtful memories and humorous studies on human and animal nature! In between each track is a Waddie-ism, short observations and dry quips that roll from Mitchell’s mind like tumbleweeds across a Nevada highway. Special guests include Don Edwards and the Sons of the San Joaquin.


  1. Pride Goeth
  2. Who But the Horse
  3. Don
  4. Experience of Life
  5. Harsh Words
  6. Dad
  7. Orejana
  8. Teepee
  9. Bisquits and Gravy
  10. Through the Pain
  11. No Quit Attitude
  12. Cat-Tastrophy
  13. The Sum
  14. Sentiment Toast

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