Waddie Mitchell – Sweat Equity


“I’d rather have a new roll of duct tape than another cowboy poetry record.” – Waddie Mitchell

“Better than a new roll of duct tape.” – Western Jubilee


Ol’ Blue


Horse Trade


Trade Off


Award winning poet, and national treasure, Waddie Mitchell’s newest CD.

14 well-selected poems with musical interludes by the incomparable Gillette Brothers of Crockett, Texas.

Featuring the poem, “Trade Off.” – Wrangler award winner for OUTSTANDING ORIGINAL WESTERN COMPOSITION OF THE YEAR

Some early reviews:

“…For years, Mitchell has been the voice of the working cowboy through his poetry. …the CD will leave you laughing, crying and nodding your head in agreement…” – Western Horseman

“Oh, lucky me. Waddie Mitchell revives the great tradition of story-telling cowboy songs with the intimate, entertaining, Sweat Equity. …Oh how I wish I could just wander into the studio one of these days.” – John Shelton Ivany, JSITop21

“…there is probably no one who fits the image of a cowboy poet more than Waddie Mitchell… his new album will make you think, laugh, and cry…” – Ranch & Reata

“…There’s tons of sense, humor, and cowboy wisdom packed in the latest release by buckaroo poet Waddie Mitchell…” – American Cowboy

“…like listening to every other release from Waddie Mitchell. You are reminded of why many call him “The Grand Master.” …it’s art and heart.” – The Western Way

Maj. Copeland, a chaplain in the U.S. Army whom uses Waddie’s poems in his family counseling sessions and radio programs for soldiers, put it in a way that we heartedly agree with: “Folks seem to understand Waddie even if they’ve never seen a cow.”


  1. Ol’ Blue
  2. Horse Trade
  3. Trade Off
  4. The Rawhide Braider
  5. Elmer
  6. The Hand
  7. Belle of the Ball
  8. Bristlecone Pine
  9. Experience of Life
  10. Bet at the Bar
  11. Invisible Wounds
  12. A Poet With Something to Say
  13. The Bra
  14. Evening Chat

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