Waddie Mitchell – One Hundred Poems Book


 One Hundred Poems is the Western Music Association’s 2015 Poetry Book of the Year!!

Recently named the “Honorary Poet” by the state of Nevada for their Sesquicentennial (150th anniversary of Nevada’s statehood), Waddie Mitchell has pardn’rd up with Western Jubilee to bring you 100 of his classic poems.


Over 25 years spent as a working Cowboy, Waddie Mitchell shares his lifetime of experience in this two hundred plus page book.

From Campfires to Carnegie Hall, Waddie offers Horse Sense, Humor, and the Real Deal on life for both Cowboys of the West, and even those that have never set a saddle.

Cover image by celebrated artist, William Matthews.

6″ x 9″ sturdy n’ solid softback book. The highest quality.

Published by Western Jubilee Recording Company

Some Reviews:

“This volume simply has to be on the shelves of all who value Cowboy Poetry.  Or any poetry.  Period.” – Western Way

“You can open it up to just about any page and be the better for having taken it in.” – Center for Western & Cowboy Poetry

“Today, there’s still no artist who can turn a line with the wit, wisdom, and genuine heart as Mitchell, as this excellent collection attests.” – American Cowboy

“One would be hard pressed to think of another face than Waddie Mitchell’s when the term ‘cowboy poet’ is mentioned.” – Ranch & Reata

“In this anthology, readers get a good sense of Mitchell’s humor and political philosophies, as well as his genuine appreciation for working buckaroos, his family, the Nevada landscape, and the Western lifestyle he lives and promotes in his poetry.” – Western Horseman

“This collection of poems from… Waddie Mitchell belongs in every ranch library from Alaska to the farthest southern point of Florida where a cow track can be found.  There’s something for everyone in this book…  Mitchell’s perspective on life, on us as a whole, himself and those he’s encountered in his impressive travels, compares to the best crock pot beef stew any ranch cook ever dished out… you just keep going back for more.  It’s that good.”  – Working Ranch Magazine





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