Sons of the San Joaquin – A Cowboy’s Song


Award winning family harmonies.


Howdy Do


Chant Of The Plains


He’s A Rover



A lifetime of family singing, and now decades into becoming the Sons of the San Joaquin, Joe, Jack, and Lon Hannah present their recording, A Cowboy’s Song.


  1. Howdy Do
  2. Chant Of The Plains
  3. He’s A Rover
  4. The Girl With the Broken Heart
  5. Heaven’s Right Here
  6. Lord, I’m Just An Ol’ Cowboy
  7. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  8. Timberline Camp
  9. Slow Movin’ Cattle
  10. Down Along The Sleepy Rio Grande
  11. Lie Down Little Dogie, Lie Down
  12. He Don’t Want To Cuss The Rough String Anymore
  13. A Cowboy’s Song
  14. Ol’ Jim Bridger

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