Don Edwards – Saddle Songs – Double CD Set


“Think of Don Edwards as a singing scholar of the old West. We are a little lax about these family heirlooms of ours and ought to be grateful to have such a great caretaker of them.” – James Earl Jones, An American Moment

INDE Award Winner Traditional Folk Album of the year
Association for Independent Music


Ballad of Jack Thorp


Old Chishom Trail


Whoopi Ti Yi Yo


Two-time Wrangler Award winner Don Edwards teams up with Western Jubilee Recording Company to bring you this special two volume set of classic cowboy songs. Saddle Songs features over thirty of Don’s favorite cowboy songs, accompanied in old time fashion by his guitar and banjo.

Says Edwards, “As a life-long close observer of cowboy life I can attest to the historical importance of these songs. His life is our heritage, his song is our inheritance, so as you listen to the music I will tell you his story as best I can.”


Disc 1

  1. Ballad of Jack Thorp
  2. Old Chishom Trail
  3. Whoopi Ti Yi Yo
  4. Pecos River Queen
  5. Cowboy Jack
  6. Chopo
  7. Zebra Dun
  8. Patonio
  9. Sam Bass
  10. Streets of Laredo
  11. Night Herding Song
  12. Little Joe the Wrangler
  13. Little Joe the Wrangler’s Sister Nell
  14. Railroad Corral
  15. The Pecos Stream
  16. What’s Become of the Punchers

Disc 2

  1. Minstrel of the Range
  2. The Long Road West
  3. Miss Aledo
  4. Ridin’
  5. ‘Longside the Santa Fe Trail
  6. Wanderin’ Cowboy
  7. The Strawberry Roan
  8. The Glory Trail
  9. I’d Like to Be in Texas
  10. Doney Gal
  11. Stompede!/Masters Call
  12. Philosophical Cowboy
  13. The Old Cow Man

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