Don Edwards – Saddle Songs II: Last of the Troubadours – Double CD Set


Wrangler-awardBy popular demand, Don Edwards has provided us with a second double-disc set – an award-winning collection of thirty-two more memorable cowboy songs.


Disc 1


Gone To Texas


The Habit


For Them that Lean to Lonesome

Disc 2


Saddle Tramp


Lonely Wanderer


Following the Cow Trail


“I never would have guessed that a collection of cowboy songs would do so well as Saddle Songs did back in 1998. Our humble little record company and I were most surprised and honored when it won the Association For Independent Music ‘Indie’ Award for Best Traditional Folk Music…  It’s been nearly six years since Saddle Songs and now here we are in the twenty-first century and all the more reason for Saddle Songs II: The Last of the Troubadours. The title was taken from O. Henry’s story about a cowboy troubadour by the name of Sam Galloway who reminded us that although Tommy Tucker may have sung for his supper, a true troubadour would have his supper and then sing for art’s sake.”


Disc 1

  1. Gone To Texas
  2. The Habit
  3. For Them that Lean to Lonesome
  4. The Colorado Trail
  5. Night Rider’s Lament
  6. By the Silvery Rio Grande
  7. Diamond Joe
  8. The Old Cowboy
  9. Barbara Allen
  10. Make Me a Cowboy Again for a Day
  11. The Sierry Petes
  12. The Mormon Cowboy
  13. Fort Worth Jail
  14. Red River Valley
  15. Green Grow the Laurel
  16. When the Work’s All Done this Fall

Disc 2

  1. Saddle Tramp
  2. Lonely Wanderer
  3. Following the Cow Trail
  4. Chant of the Night Songs
  5. West of the Round Corral
  6. Windy Bill
  7. Cowhands Last Ride
  8. The Cowboy’s Home Sweet Home
  9. Utah Carroll
  10. Root Hog or Die
  11. The Rancher Feeds Us All
  12. I Wanted to Die in the Dessert
  13. The Dying Cowboy of Rimrock Ranch
  14. The Campfire has Gone Out
  15. Cowboy’s Meditation
  16. Here’s Lookin’ At You

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