Norman and Nancy Blake – Back Home In Sulphur Springs


This is Norman and Nancy’s second recording on Plectrafone Records. Norman’s very first critically acclaimed solo record, Home In Sulphur Springs, in 1972, was a return to his musical roots.  So here it is – another great collection of songs.

“Let’ call it Back Home in Sulphur Springs. The first record was a title only. Now I’ve written the song,  plus it’s back home.” … Norman Blake


More Good Women Gone Wrong


Columbus Stockade Blues


He’s Coming To Us Dead


Norman is now celebrating more than thirty years of not getting on an airplane and the sessions are generally tied to a Colorado festival appearance. As in the past, the Blakes along with their dog, Bascom, parked their ‘home on the road’ travel rig by the railroad tracks just outside the Warehouse studio.

This time, it took more trips than before to unload all the vintage string instruments carried from Rising Fawn in their new and much improved RV that O Brother paid for. As always, good friend and Recording Engineer Butch Hause had pre-set the room with their favorite old mics, no baffles and two straight back wooden chairs. The set up allows for recording upon impulse – morning, noon and night – and that they did. Norman suggested they “record without much playback for awhile”.

The Blakes effortlessly and eloquently recorded the 14 songs herein. They didn’t know what the next selection would be until the previous one ended. A couple were penned by Norman, another made up by good friend, Patty Bryan. Nancy picked the “Star Spangled Banner” on her mandolin from an arrangement she learned from Patty’s husband, James Bryan. The rest were dug up and dusted off from yesteryear. They sparingly and tastefully, but more so than in the past, went back and added other instruments.

Tracks from Back Home In Sulphur Springs

  1. More Good Women Gone Wrong
  2. Columbus Stockade Blues
  3. He’s Coming To Us Dead
  4. The Girl I left in Sunny Tennessee
  5. We Parted by the Riverside 
  6. Ella Ree
  7. Happy Little Home in Arkansas 
  8. Back Home in Sulphur Springs
  9. The Mermaid
  10. Take Me Home Poor Julia
  11. Seaboard Airline Rag
  12. Star Spangled Banner
  13. The Empress of Ireland
  14. Katy Cline
  15. Bonus hidden track – Don’t Be Afraid of the Neo-Cons

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