Norman Blake, Nancy Blake & Tut Taylor – Shacktown Road


 “A beautiful journey by a trio of masters …an array of musical stylings, all in the Americana vein. Blake’s vocals, guitar and mandolin, Nancy’s cello and, of course, Taylor’s flatpicking resonator guitar, combine to blaze a trail for yet another adventure for these musical pioneers” … Jerry Lankford, The Record, Wilkesboro, N.C.


Shacktown Road


Guitar Rag


The Old Dobro Man


 It’s been 35 years since Tut and Norman, along with Vassar Clements joined John Hartford on the legendary Warner Brothers recording, Aereo-Plain. This is the first recording for old friends Tut & Norman, who along with Nancy Blake preserve wonderful memories and long-held traditions on  SHACKTOWN  ROAD.

The eighteen selections of Old Timey Music are reminiscent of Moon Pies and Nehi soda; resophonic sounds, songs and stories from the South. They recorded in the small house of Jens & Uwe Kruger near Wilkesboro on Old Highway 60, just up the way from Shacktown Road.

Tracks from Shacktown Road

  1. Shacktown Road
  2. Kindred Spirit
  3. Guitar Rag 
  4. Not A Word From Home
  5. The Old Dobro Man 
  6. Worried Blues 
  7. Tom Scala’s Waltz
  8. Lizzie Hubbard Blues 
  9. Going To Georgia
  10. Ode To Bascom 
  11. On the Banks of Lake Pontchartrain
  12. It Must Be Jelly
  13. The Tag Railroad Rag
  14. Running Wild
  15. Times Ain’t Like They Used to Be
  16. End of the World
  17. Steel Guitar Blues 
  18. The Buffalo Left Yesterday

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